macOS 10.12:Could not resolve SDK Path for ‘macosx’

By | 2017年4月9日

尝试了网上的方法,在/Users/username/Qt5.8.0/5.8/clang_64/mkspecs/qdevice.pri 中添加!host_build:QMAKE_MAC_SDK = macosx10.12,问题没有得到解决,通过在命令行运行如下命令,问题解决,供大家参考!

sudo xcode-select -s /Applications/


I’m running Qt 5.7.1 on Mac OS 10.12.2.

None of the above answers involving adding !host_build:QMAKE_MAC_SDK = macosx10.12 to a file worked for me.

What did work was a small reconfigure on the XCode side of things as described here, the key step being entering

sudo xcode-select -s /Applications/

in the command line.

What caused the problem for me was that I installed the XCode command line tools before installing XCode itself which apparently makes it hard for Qt to find the Mac OS SDK.